Limestone Stepping Stones Large $27 each

Garden Stepping Stone
Lay on sand, soil or crushed rock, transform your garden paths instantly!
600 – 800mm
Tumbled (30mm)
Priced by / piece : $27.00


Limestone Stepping Stones Large – Tumbled Edge Pavers

Great For DIY : Size 600mm-800mm,

Tile Thickness: 30mm

Colour: Beech

It’s easy to make your own garden path using stone from Natural Stone Factory Direct Outlet. Our Limestone stepping stones large pavers and Basalt rounds are quarried and cut from stone boulders or slabs.

All our natural stone steppers and basalt rounds are 30mm thick which can be placed onto soil, sand or crushed dust; although it’s easier to put the pavers onto sand for ease of levelling. Thinner stepping stones should be set into mortar, to prevent breakage when being walked on.

You could also consider our 500x500x30mm Limestone pavers in Black Velvet or Amber, if you prefer a more formal appearance. These can be laid directly into sand or soil, or on a crushed rock base and mortar.

Our stepping stones are available in black and a soft beige.

Our stepping stones are equally at home in designer or Australian native gardens.