Marble Tiles Grey Belair$45.00 m2

Pool Coping Tiles 2nds
Drop down face tiles. Great for outdoor steps & around pools, slightly chipped.
Drop Face (20mm)
Priced by / piece : $53.30



Marble Tiles Grey – Belair

Sandblasted Finish – Outdoor Pavers

size: 600mmx400mm

Marble tiles grey – Belair is an exceptional hard and beautiful outdoor Marble and is exclusive to Natural Stone Factory Direct Outlet.

The stone has been sandblasted which enhances the stones colour and creates a textured finish to increase slip resistance.

Belair’s colours make the stone unique, with its soft tones of warm blue grey, makes this stone ideal for modern architectural designs.
Cleaning is straight forward due to the stones high density, which does not allow dirt to easily penetrate.

As with all our stones we recommend a sealing treatment especially around pools. This will help protect your investment and make cleaning even easier.