Granite Paving Stone Light Grey 300x150mm $3.30 each

Heavy duty pavers
Lay direct into sand & soil or crushed rock, transform your garden instantly.
Hand Cut Edge (50mm)
Priced by / piece : $3.30


Granite Paving Stone Light Grey – Garden Edging Blocks

Size: 300x150mm,  Colour: Light Grey

Thickness: 50mm, Natural Split Edge

Granite paving stone light grey, garden edging blocks Melbourne supplier. This paver is 300mm by 150mm with hand cut/guillotined edge, which is the most natural finish and is best for feature stone path & cobblestones driveway. The surface of the pavers have been flamed to enhance the colours & create a slip-resistant surface.

This exciting new stone allows the DIY person to quickly and easily hand cut. Best of all the end result is a natural stone path that looks like it was hand built by a craftsman.

We are the first company to release this new European format of stone pavers into Australia. The stone pavers are suitable for garden edging blocks, retaining walls, planter boxes, curb stone & paving on concrete slabs or directly on to sand/crushed rock.

This exciting new range puts stone paving within the reach of every aspiring gardner and landscaper. It’s so easy to lay and creates beautiful stone paths, sitting areas and courtyards. This is stone in the European tradition with soft lines and cobble stone format. The soft lines are achieved by the natural split edges. It is “hard” landscaping stone that allows water to penetrate when laid directly into soil or more typically on crushed rock.

It is also a big cost saver as no concrete slab is required and excellent results can be achieved by the home handyman. This is the perfect paver for inner city gardens, as the size of the paver is small, keeping with the tradition of inner city gardens.

Ask your landscaper for advice on how to use this stone, You’d be amazed, the wondrous possibilities that can begin with a simple paver!