Porcelain Pavers Travertine Imitate$20.03 each

$75.00 $20.03


Porcelain Pavers Travertine Imitate

Travertine imitate porcelain tiles.

Size: 600mmx600mm, Tile Thickness: 20mm

Price: $20.03 each/$56.25 per metre square

Turkey’s largest supplier of travertine is now producing “stone inspired” porcelain pavers. The result is a manufactured stone product, with all its inherent benefits, that is close to nature’s original intention.

The Manufacturing plant uses the latest technology to duplicate the colour variation within natural stone, and even includes a slight surface variation within the tile which results in a more natural looking product.

We stock two sizes 600x600mm and 900x600mm in three colours. The reason for the large sizes is that natural stone becomes very expensive in large dimensions, while the porcelain does not, making the porcelain a very competitive option.

The porcelain paver is 20 mm thick which allows it to be used in the same way as stone and can be laid on driveways and used in heavy wear commercial areas and all domestic applications. In addition it can be laid in the traditional method of adhesive or using the “pod” system.

Being a manufactured product, porcelain has all the usual benefits i.e. does not require sealing, is highly salt resistant around pools, UV resistant and is easy to maintain.


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