Slate Tiles 600x400mm

$39.50 $25.67


Slate Tiles for Interior and Exterior

Multi-Coloured Slate – OUT OF SQUARE

Size: 600mmx400mm

Tile Thickness: 12mm

Slate tiles have been used in Australian homes since the foundation of our country. Now the colours and range of sizes are much larger, catering for demands of modern living and design. Hard wearing and easy to maintain are still the catch words for Slate.
Suitable for interior and exterior applications, especially in modern landscaping applications where natural colours are appreciated.
Slate also carries excellent thermal properties, (cool in summer & warm in winter).

Slate tiles are easy to maintain, create a warm and natural ambience, suitable for alfresco areas and garden paths, there is no better way to tile and pave and bring more of nature into your life.


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