Stacked Stone Slate Corner Piece Ebony $3.75 each

Black Slate cladding
First grade stacked stone
Sawn Edge (10 – 20mm)
Priced by / piece : $3.75


Stacked Stone Slate Corner Piece – Ebony

Size: (400mm+200mm)x150mm

Thickness: 10-20mm

Colour: Slate Black

Price: $3.75 each

At Natural Stone Factory Direct Outlet we sell traditional stacked stone at very competitive prices. These first grade prefabricated panels can be easily adhered to most existing walls by using a high quality adhesive specifically designed for this purpose.

Stacked tone cladding can be used over most existing walls, however check with your fixer or builder for the correct preparation process.

Stone cladding is a natural product which performs well under UV light and exposure to the elements unlike man made concrete claddings.


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